Dr J Fred Stoner

Board Credentialed in pain management and pathology

Dr J Fred Stoner

Dr. J Fred Stoner

Dr. J. Fred Stoner is the primary physician at The Pain Centre in New Castle, Pennsylvania.  As a board credentialed in pain management and pathology, he specializes in treatments for chronic pain sufferers. Dr. Stoner is also a frequent contributor to blogs discussing pain management options.

Board Certified by the Following

  • The American Academy of Pain Management
  • The American Board of Pathology

Our pain management clinic is affiliated and certified by several medical societies and academies. 

The Pain Centre Affiliation

Members of the Following

  • The American Academy of Pain Medicine 
  • The College of American Pathologists 
  • The American Society of Clinical Pathologists 
  • The American Academy of Pain Management 
  • The C.F. Reynolds Medical Historical Society 
  • The Pennsylvania Medical Society 
  • The Pittsburgh Pain Society 
  • Lawrence County Medical Society (President) 
  • American Medical Association 
  • Pittsburgh Pathology Society 
  • American College of Osteopathic Pain Management and Sclerotherapy 
  • The Human Services Center
Dr J Fred Stoner

Acute pain is a pain that alerts us to possible injury. It lasts 3 to 6 months and is often related to soft tissue damage. Typically, this acute pain lessens overtime as the injury heals.

Dr J Fred Stoner

Chronic pain is a persistent pain often lasting more than 4 months. This pain can be caused by injuries, nerve damage, diseases, and illnesses. However, sometimes the cause is unknown.

Dr. J. Fred Stoner has dedicated his career to helping clients manage their pain. In a series of media features, Dr. Stoner shares preventative and reactive treatments for acute and chronic pain.